Makeup by Emily for this music video!


A note from Emily:

"Hey! I’m Emily, I’m an Aussie girl who’s ended up in the good old Manawatu! I’ve had an obsession with all things beauty for about 8 years now. I’ve been in and out of the beauty industry for the last 5 years and have found my way back and am now part of the amazing Makeup Etc team.

Whilst in Australia I was a key Skin Specialist and Makeup Artist at Mecca and ran a freelance business on the side. I adored this period in my life and it really grew me as a makeup artist and ignited my passion further.

As life goes, unexpectedly I fell in love and moved to New Zealand, where I was Counter Manager at YSL for a few months. I then stepped away from the beauty life to work full time in a marketing and communications role, but have never lost my love or passion for makeup.

My favourite thing about working in makeup is the ability to connect with people and their stories. I love that I have an hour just to chat about life, have a laugh, express my creative side and empower my clients so that they leave feeling beautiful and confident, but inside and out."