Professional Makeup Artists here to make you feel beautiful.

Makeup Etc. is a collective of NZ Makeup Artists who pride ourselves on making all our clients feel confident and beautiful on the inside and out. But aside from being passionate artists ready to get you wedding, ball or event ready, we believe in making a difference to a wider audience. 


Read just a few of the 5 star reviews from our happy clients and brides!

Showcasing what makeup means to individuals all over the world.

Everyone has their own 'makeup' and we know that 'makeup' means something different to everyone, so we want to explore what your ‘makeup’ is and showcase it to the world, through short documentaries, tutorials and interviews on our YouTube Channel, all coming soon.

Makeup Etc. is the home for all makeup lovers or amateurs alike, to celebrate and bond over the power of makeup, in all its varieties, and how it shapes our lives. Read our product reviews and share your opinion, make friends and spread the positivity that discussing makeup should inspire.

Come with us on a journey of beauty, tradition, empowerment, diversity and colour as we set out to prove: its more than just makeup.


Let us teach, embrace and explore each others' styles, preferences and knowledge! Open your minds to the varieties of makeup from all cultures, religions and lifestyles.


By accepting and celebrating each others individual styles, preferences and opinions, we learn to recognise makeup more for how it makes each of us feel, rather than how someone thinks it should look.



The makeup community should be one of support, love and inspiration, not of jealousy, hate and negativity. Explore the many reasons why each of us wear our 'makeup' and celebrate our differences!