Makeup Coaching with Micki

Groups & individual welcome!



Groups (4+ people) - $100 per person

Individual (1on1 session) - $120

Perfect group activity for friend catch ups, hen parties (get yourself glammed up for a fun girls day), work do’s, birthday parties and more! Wine drinking encouraged, laughs and a good time with friends guaranteed!

In a makeup routine rut? Are your usual products not looking as good on you now as they once did? Perhaps you buy makeup products often but always end up putting them in a drawer because you’re not sure how you should be using them? Micki can help.

Did you know, over 50% of women from the age of 16-60 years admit to ‘purely guessing’ when it comes to how to apply their own makeup? Even though 64% of those women wear makeup every single day.

Makeup is a great tool for us to enjoy which can make us feel more confident, professional and enhanced in just a few minutes. Feeling in control and knowledgable about how to use the makeup we have tucked away in that drawer helps women feel empowered and beautiful which can benefit our lives in so many ways.

Instead of spending another couple hundred dollars on makeup products that you both don’t need, or know how to use, gather a group of friends and have Micki join you for a fun, lighthearted and enlightening makeup coaching session. You will learn techniques, tips and product knowledge from a working professional makeup artist who works daily with women of all ages.

“I love makeup, and I love teaching it. Every woman or group I have had the pleasure of coaching has finished the session beaming with confidence and both looking and feeling their most beautiful, and to me, that is the biggest reward. Being talked into buying endless unnecessary products is a waste of money, but investing in your personal makeup skills and bettering your knowledge of how to effectively apply even the basic products, never will be.”